Output Title: O3 Digital learning content suitable for online, blended and distance teaching and learning.
Output Type: Open / online / digital education – E-learning course / module
Start Date: 2022-03-01
End Date: 2022-09-01

The need for the product created in O3 lies within the fact that most organizations have their learning content in classical form (printed materials and presentations). In particular the
schools and pupils work with printed materials most of the time. The digital materials they use do not have a standardized common format and do not comply with competence models
in the specific topics. This creates the need to choose suitable formats, standards and structures for presenting of digital learning contents, which may be used in various digital and
communication environments.
The Product consists of a set of formats, standards, instruments to create digital learning content in the VET programs. Innovative are instruments like Text-to-Voice and Text-to-Brail.
This Output contains also 3 digital training courses and a learning game in the above formats, as well as a course created under the open-source model. This is done to make a
showcase of a combination of real learning products usable in the digital environment from O1. Within this Output Trainers and Teachers from Partner organizations will develop skills
to produce digital trainings. The expected impact is to integrate the formats and instruments of O3 within the Partner Organizations and other interested Stakeholders. The learning
products will be disseminated free via the project website and eTwinning, EPALE, etc. All components of O3 have the potential to be used both in the digital environment created in O1
and standalone.

This Intellectual output development is led by DIE BERATER UNTERNEHMENSBERATUNGS GmbH (DIE BERATER) and comprises the next main tasks:
O3-A1 Selection, definition and implementation of appropriate formats, standards and practices for the preparation of digital learning content.
([A] DIE BERATER, [C] partners)
O3-A2 Pilot preparation and exchange of a digital educational content, by adapting of existing or creation of three new courses in VET area, according to the project partners
accreditation. The courses shall be in the selected formats as per O3-A1.
During execution of this task:

– gain experience in practical application of the selected digital technologies (O1)
– train teachers/lecturers of the partners in practice
– create content that is convenient to transfer from one language to another, for example by translating subtitles, and providing access to this content to less represented groups and
disadvantaged people, for example by applying “Text-to-voice” technology, or “Print-to-Braille”.
([A] DIE BERATER, [R] partners)
O3-A3 Development of training content on the “open source” business model (one course in VET area according to the project partners accreditation) and sharing through appropriate
open platforms of EU, such as eTwinning, SEG, EPALE or by the d-Response project’s website, or by creating a video channel to share open content.
([A] DIE BERATER, [R] SBC, [I] partners)
O3-A4 Preparation of a training game for applying the knowledge learned and acquiring practical skills.
([A] DIE BERATER, [R] SBC, [I] partners)
O3-A5 Conducting test trainings via digital platform (O1) and exercise Covid-19 situations’ scenarios (O2)
([A] DIE BERATER, [R] partners)
O3-A6 Train project partners on the O2 intellectual outputs using the digital platform (O1)
([A] DIE BERATER, [R] partners)
O3-A7 Prepare end-stage report and do end-stage activities as required by the Erasmus program and the contract
([A] DIE BERATER, [C] partners)
O2-A8 Publish the stage results at the project web-site after approval
([A] DIE BERATER, [R] SBC, [I] partners)
The methodology applied for this intellectual product comprises:
1. PRINCE2 – for project management
2. Design of a training course considering digital environment specifics
3. Gaining skills in practical application of digital technology

C19 dResponse – O3 – End Stage Report

TTT-Quality Assurance Report_Final